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World's fairs (also known internationally as "international expositions," "world expos," or just "expos") are an important world institution on par with the Olympic Games. Unfortunately, the United States hasn't hosted a world's fair since New Orleans in 1984. Since then, nine countries on four continents have hosted twelve international expositions (1985 Tsukuba, 1986 Vancouver, 1988 Brisbane, 1992 Seville, 1992 Genoa, 1993 Taejon, 1998 Lisbon, 2000 Hannover, 2005 Aichi, 2008 Zaragoza, 2010 Shanghai, and 2012 Yeosu). In the next seven years, three other world's fairs will be held outside the United States (2015 Milan, 2017 Astana, and 2020).

Unfortunately, United States' membership in the body that sanctions and recognizes expositions, the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), ended in 2002 after the U.S. Congress failed to allocate the small funds required of membership.

The United States can easily rejoin the organization by allowing public or private funds to pay back dues (estimated at approximately $100,000) so that we can once again have a voice in the organization and allow cities to bid for world's fairs in 2022, 2023, and/or 2025.

Get the USA back into the BIE. Sign the petition.

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